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We are your "Safe Haven" during Covid.

by Stacy Lauren-Kon, Lac MSOM

To ensure Mend is a safe place for you to visit during the pandemic, Mend’s employees and practitioners are all being vaccinated with both doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer versions of the vaccine. In addition, our practitioners will continue to wear PPE, sanitize, run HEPA filters, use touchless payment,and schedule patients so everyone is socially distanced and safe. Mend’s #1 mission is to make sure we serve the community without endangering anyone!

It is safer to come in to our office for an appointment than it is to do anything other than be in your own home. So if you are in pain and need a treatment, CALL US and do not be afraid to come in. You can refer to this article from the Mayo clinic on Covid protocolsor call Mend at 323-459-2000 with any questions.