The vFit + Intimate Wellness

Finally a Non Surgical, Non Invasive, Hormone-Free Solution to Personal Health

The vFit + Intimate Wellness - Mend Family Acupuncture in Los Angeles, CA

As women age, our bodies change. Childbirth, hormones and aging effects a woman's vaginal health and decreases bladder control. These changes are embarrassing and chip away at your confidence. Some women do not want or simply cannot afford hormone therapy, reconstructive surgery or in-office treatments that cost $1,500 - $5,000 a session. So what other options are there?

This new solution gives you the confidence and freedom to do what you love with no surgery, hormones, or downtime. 

The vFit+ is a non-invasive intimate wellness device that uses a combination of LED, gentle heat, and sonic wave technology to help improve sensation and quality of life, all from the privacy of your home.

Mend is proud to now offer our patients the vFit+ Professional Model, available exclusively through medical professionals.

95% of women experienced improved sensation with intercourse.


89% of women felt improved vaginal health.

10 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home can help change your quality of life and regain lost confidence. 

Mend is proud to offer the vFit+ model for $495. The + model comes in a discreet carrying case and includes the gel. 

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