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What Can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture works by activating the body's own ability to heal, so it can be beneficial for a myriad of health conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented many symptoms, diseases, and conditions that have been shown in controlled clinical trials to be effectively treated with acupuncture.

Below are some common conditions we treat, but please feel free to contact us about your specific health condition.

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Read our Blog for more information >

Pain Read our Blog for more information >

Aging Issues Read our Blog for more information >

•  Memory loss – Read the research >
•  Menopause – Learn about our "Mend-The-Pause" package >
•  Weight gain – Read the research >
• Overactive bladder – Read the research >


Digestive Issues & Nausea


Autoimmune Diseases

Respiratory Complaints

Reproductive Complaints

Man getting chemotherapy

woman with back pain

woman giving birth

Sport injuries

women with migraine

infant getting acupuncture

Boy handing over medication bottle

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