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E-Stim - Electric Stimulation

Some people may have experienced E-Stim, or Electric Stimulation, in physical therapy. Obtaining E-Stim through a licensed Acupuncturist has a greater advantage since we use E-Stim on subcutaneous needles which are placed in specific areas that compliment acupuncture techniques. 

E-Stim has been used by Acupuncturists for decades. It is often used in conjunction with Scalp Acupuncture for neurological issues and diseases, used with Constitutional Acupuncture for autoimmune diseases, and is an excellent treatment for depression and musculoskeletal injuries/pain management. 

E-stim provides a low to medium level of electrical stimulation to acupuncture points in order to open up blockages and move blood and energy through the body. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pain is typically due to 'stuck' blood or energy, so encouraging and maintain proper flow can provide relief from many types of pain. 

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