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Our New "Mend-the-Pause” Program

Our New "Mend-the-Pause” Program, Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA

Does this sound familiar.... slow metabolism, night sweats, anxiety/depression, brain fog, dry skin, low libido, thinning vaginal tissue with painful intercourse, dribbling urine, thinning hair…..

These are the symptoms of the great pause - Menopause! In ancient societies menopausal women were considered sages. The word “crone” actually referred to a wise woman who had magical qualities and supernatural abilities.

Mend is here to help you re-claim ownership of the real “C” word and be a righteous Crone!

Mend is now offering the “Mend-the-Pause” Program to help you transition from childbearing years to the rightious crone years.

Our “Mend-the-Pause” Monthly Program Includes:

• 2 Acupuncture Treatments (45 minutes each): Constitutional Acupuncture, Neck Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Infrared Light Treatment;

• 1 Nutritional Consult

• Topical Bi-Est cream – (Contains USP Progesterone, USP Estriol and USP Estradiol (plant-derived from yam)

• Vaginal Hydration Ovals – (Contains 1mg of Estriol per oval suppository)

• Great Yin Formula – (Anxiety and Nervousness, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, and Yin deficiency)

Mend Package Price = $300

Retail Value = $460

Mend also offers these add-on Meno-Pause Support products:

The "Personal V-Tens Kit" - $85

Stacy Lauren-Kon offers Acupuncture, Cupping, Facials, Weight Loss in Los Angeles, CA

Vaginal E-Stim uses electronically stimulated Kegels to help tone pelvic floor muscles which in turn can enhance sexual pleasure, curb urinary incontinence and indirectly decrease pain in the lower back, knees, and thighs.

The V-Fit + Intimate Wellness Device - $495

Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA

The vFit+ is a non-invasive intimate wellness device that uses a combination of LED, gentle heat, and sonic wave technology to help increase sensation, tone pelvic wall, and improve quality of life, all from the privacy of your home.

Contact Mend today to book your "Mend-the-Pause" session.

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