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Adding Chinese Herbal Medicine to Standard Western Medical Care Improves the Recovery of COVID-19 Patients.

Based on this systematic review and meta-analysis performed by Arthur Yin Fan and the Research Group for Evidence-based Chinese Medicine, it is clear that adding CHM to standard care improves the symptoms and signs of COVID-19 patients, decreases the inflammation markerCRP level and accelerates absorption of lung infection lesions. Evi-dence from some studies even suggests that CHM as a co-therapymay even lower the fatality rate. CHM has been recommended andincluded in the interim guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19by the Chinese officials as Chinese medicine is on the mainstreamhealth care system in China. For those countries where CHM hasnot been regulated or approved as one kind of medicine or therapy,the above CHMs should be used in conjunction with conventionalmedical care for patients with COVID-19

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