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Yin Now, Yang Later

Yin Now, Yang Later, Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA

Autumn marks the beginning of Yin. It’s the time of the year when our bodies go into a little “hibernation” and turn inward. A stark reversal from the Yang of Summer. 

What is Yin? Yin is blood, fluids, tissue. Yin is responsible for moistening and regulating our bodies. Throughout the years of overwork, lack of sleep, eating poorly…. we burn through our Yin. This is when we see symptoms of illness popping up. These issues need to be addressed BEFORE the symptoms present themselves and effect your day to day. And that is where MEND comes in. A Dr. of Eastern Medicine is trained to detect if you are heading down this path toward illness. We strive to keep you within the wellness spectrum and head illness off at the path.

Yin deficiency affects a person's ability to balance organs and fluids (diabetes, high cholesterol, inflammatory disorders, regulate brain chemicals (anxiety and depression), sleep, digest… the list is long. One major clinical manifestation of Yin deficiency is Menopausal symptoms. Dryness, insomnia, anxiety, hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog…. all symptoms that can be managed so you can celebrate this change in life and not dread it.

There are many types of Yin Deficiency expressed through different organ systems of the body is out of balance. 

  1. Yin Deficiency of the Kidneys: Brain fog, bone loss, dizziness and/or vertigo, poor memory, tinnitus, low back pain, menstrual abnormalities, or fertility issues.
  2. Yin Deficiency of the Lungs: Dry mouth with cough. Repeated or long term cold or flu, asthma-like loss of breath. 
  3. Yin Deficiency of the Stomach: Lack of appetite, fry tongue, lips, and mouth with bad breath, heartburn, gas and bloating, and weight gain.
  4. Yin Deficiency of the Heart: Palpitations or tightness in the chest, insomnia, excessive worry, and anxiety.
  5. Yin deficiency of the Liver: When Liver Yin becomes deficient, the yang becomes too abundant and “rises up.” In TCM we call the Liver yang Rising and can lead to headaches, vertigo/dizziness, tinnitus, anxiety, anger and behavioral issues. 

So at this time of year we all need to make changes and embrace the cycle of the seasons of life so we do not burn through our Yin.

Come in to Mend and reset your Yin. We offer Acupuncture, Herbal Pharmaceuticals (instead, of or in harmony with, the more harsh Western drugs), Behavior Modification, and Nutritional Consultation to get you through this time of year with grace and good health!