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Enjoy the BEST Facial in Los Angeles!

Did you know that Mend's Rejuvenation Facial was featured on the popular television show The Dr.'s as a unique and groundbreaking anti-aging experience? 

Mend proudly offers our patients a very unique beauty experience that mixes Eastern and Western techniques to take years off your face. Each one of us is gorgeous and unique. Most of us do not want to drastically alter our appearances. So Mend has hand picked a few treatments that work in concert with one another to help bring back a more youthful glow to your beautiful face at a minimal price so you can say – SCREW AGING!

Enjoy the BEST Facial in Los Angeles!, Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA

Our Rejuvenation Facial consists of the following:

• A 30 Minute Constitutional & Facial Acupuncture Treatment;

• 10 Minute Microneedling Treatment;

• 20 Minute Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment

• Light Glycolic Exfoliation or stronger TCA Treatment; and

• A Complimentary bottle of our Mend Everything Oil.

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Constitutional And Facial Acupuncture Treatment

Our 30 Minute Constitutional & Facial Acupuncture Treatment has two beneficial aspects – First, we treat the "root"cause of aging by regulating the flow of energy (qi) and open the channels of qi and blood throughout the body to improve overall health and restore vitality to the body. This "Constitutional" treatment addresses underlying causes, like digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and emotional stress, which are reflected on the face. Many of the body's channels begin and/or end on the face. So by activating these pathways there is an increase in circulation of blood, lymph and qi to the face that enhances and promotes a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Secondly, The more targeted Facial Acupuncture is a totally safe and painless treatment that stimulates and lifts weakened muscle fibers and increases collagen production directly to the face. It improves overall facial tone and sagging. 

While your body is working on repairing itself, you get to lie on our heated table for 30 minutes and relax!

Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling involves smoothing a numbing cream over your face and then painlessly poking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to heal itself by making more collagen and elastin, which helps you look more youthful. You might have heard this referred to as collagen induction therapy or a vampire facial, in the news. Whatever you want to call it, the results are smoother skin, finer wrinkles, greater elasticity and smaller pores! 

In addition to Anti-Aging, Microneedling is also an excellent treatment for the following conditions:

Hair loss (also called alopecia)
Dark spots or patches on your skin (hyperpigmentation)
Stretch marks
Sun damage

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment

Next comes the Hi-Tech part! You may have heard the terms, "Thermage", "Morpheus", "Ulthera", "Thermi", "Exilis", or "Profound RF". These are versions of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (RF). Mend utilizes this amazing technology in tandem with our more Eastern techniques. A little from the East, and a little from the West! 

During your RF Treatment an electromagnetic wand that generates heat will be massaged over your face, chin and neck for 20 minutes. A cooling gel applied beforehand will keep you from feeling anything other than a nice warm gliding sensation. The RF stimulates the production of collage, elastin and production of new skin cells. This nonsurgical facelift firms and lifts sagging skin. This is one of the best ways to minimize the sagging jowls and turkey chin without invasive surgery!

Mend uses just enough RF to tighten and lift your skin without burning or causing painful peeling. We do not bring a bazooka to a knife fight! Less is more.

Light Glycolic Exfoliation

We top off your Rejuvenation Facial with a light Glycolic Pumpkin Exfoliation Mask. This gently whisks away any flaky dead skin and leaves you glowing and looking completely refreshed. 

Any side effects from our are Rejuvenation Facial are minimal and short-lived –  limited to mild and temporary swelling, redness, and tingling, depending on the treatment. You may have some slight skin flaking/peeling a few days after your Treatment. That's why we recommend you schedule your Rejuvenation Facial at least 2 weeks out from any special events. 

Mend Everything Oil

And last but not least... we send you home with a complimentary bottle of our custom blended facial oil that minimizes any peeling and redness you may have from your Rejuvenation Facial. 

Mend Everything Oil is a gorgeous combination of ingredients that smooths fine lines, moisturizes, and evens out your skin tone:

Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Oil, Saffron, Vitamin C, and Niacinimide (B3). 

Your complimentary bottle of Mend Everything Oil is a $45 value and is a perfect facial oil that replaces your need for any other expensive lotions or gimmicks. 

Mend Family Acupuncture and Healthcare in Los Angeles, CA

Mend offers the above services for a mere $350. The cost of these services averages 2 - 4 times at most facilities. We strive to make these Treatments cost-effective so you can repeat them 3-6 times a year for optimal results. 

So make an appointment for your Mend Rejuvenation Facial today!