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Later Summer Self Care

The end of Summer is usually a time of transition. No more lazy Summer days! But during these Pandemic times, there is no structure to get back to. Our new normal is strange and there is an anti-climactic dread about this time of year that has bred a new strain of the "End of Summer Blues".

Perhaps we can take this opportunity to reset priorities? 

Woman folding clothes

1. GET ORGANIZED! I know this sounds daunting, but you do not have to reorganize your entire house in 1 day. Set an alarm for 1 hour and just take some simple initial steps in a small area. You will be surprised how quickly that hour blows by and how inspired you will be to come back the next day for 1 more hour of organizing. Before you know it, your house will be a better reflection of yourself. 

Woman eating banana and yogurt

2. TWEAK YOUR EATING HABITS! Notice how I did NOT say the dreaded word "diet". Small tweaks to your daily eating routine can add up to a lot of healthy benefits. Instead of cow's milk in your morning coffee, try oat milk. Or, instead of sugar in your beverage, try some monk fruit or honey. Instead of reaching for a cracker and cheese, try a carrot dipped in hummus. LITTLE changes to your diet can make a 1 pound a month difference. In a year that can add up to 12 pounds. 

A couple on a walk

3. GET UP! You do not have to train for a marathon, take a 2 hour hot yoga class, or climb a mountain. But you do need to get up and exercise for at least 10 minutes a day. Do you know that your lymphatic system needs to be drained by movement much like how a Swiss watch needs to be wound every day? Yes. So just get up and simply walk around the block a few times a day. Set your alarm for 10 minutes and simply WALK with purpose. Notice the wind on your face, smell the air through your mask, lubricate your joints and MOVE!

Newspaper with "Bad News" headline

4. LIMIT YOUR AIR TIME! The world can seem overwhelming right now. You cannot control a lot of what is going on in the world so try not to overdose on the news and negativity. Watch something frivolous or read a book. It's exhausting and unhealthy to over-worry. Give your brain a break. 

Bouquet of flowers

5. TREAT YOURSELF! Melt some organic dark chocolate, dip in some bananas, and freeze. Or, indulge in 1 really good cup of coffee a day. Moderation is everything. But you DO need to treat yourself once in a while. If it's not an edible treat, then drive yourself out to the beach and jump in. Splurge on a bouquet of flowers or spritz on a favorite scent to lift your spirit. Your olfactory senses are the most powerful sense and can transform your mood instantly. 

Woman meditating with caption, "Am I Happy Yet?"

6. SAY NICE THINGS TO YOURSELF! The endless negative tape that goes on and on in your head is destructive and you need break. You are doing your best in these tough times and need to be kind to yourself. Create a mantra that is soothing – a lot of my patients like this one, "I am safe, I am loved, I am exactly where I am supposed to be." Now sit in a quite space, set a timer for 15-20 minutes, and just BE!

Doctor talking to patient

7. SCHEDULE THOSE YEARLY DR. VISITS! Eastern Medicine is fantastic! But every year you MUST get a well visit from an M.D. – OB/GYN, Internist, or General Practitioner. And if you are over 50 you need a yearly mammogram, ECG, and it may be time for that colonoscopy! Take the steps necessary to ensure you live a long and healthy life. 

Smiling woman getting Acupuncture

8. PREVENTATIVE HEALTH! Once weekly or monthly Acupuncture visits are a powerful tool to stay healthy and happy. You think Acupuncture is too expensive? Do the math! It saves you money over time, leads to a happier day to day, and improves your quality of life drastically. 

Cost of dr.'s appointments and other expenses